Jesus in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today, we will learn how to say Jesus in sign language. It is one of the common terms you will come across on your sign language adventure.

Even though the word changes depending on the sign language, we’ll only discuss British Sign Language (BSL) today.

So, let’s get started

Jesus in Sign Language

Watch the complete video, which we’ve linked below.

If it moves too quickly for you, don’t worry. Below, each level will be described in more detail.

Before we start, remember that BSL is a two-handed sign language. That indicates you’ll use both hands to communicate.

In some situations, we use our dominant hand for specific actions and our non-dominant hand for supporting gestures. Never change your dominant hand while signing. The individual you are conversing with will become confused as a result.

Do the following now.

jesus in sign language bsl
jesus in sign language bsl
  1. Start with a normal posture.
jesus in sign language uk
jesus in sign language uk
  1. Raise both of your hands.
  2. Now place the middle finger of your right hand on your left hand.
jesus in british sign language
jesus in british sign language
  1. Now place the middle finger of the left hand on the right hand.
  2. Say the word ‘Jesus’ while you’re signing.


That’s how we say ‘Jesus’ in sign language. Make sure the person you speak with can see you clearly. If the signer’s movements are not visible, anybody can easily misunderstand the meaning. Maintain a regular practice routine to remember the sign; otherwise, you run the danger of forgetting it over time.

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