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Hi in Sign Language – Video & Image Included


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Today we’ll learn Hi in sign language. Hi, like hey and ha, evolved from the Middle English word hy. No matter which language you are learning, you will definitely find this vocabulary early on in your sign language studies.
You are probably searching to learn Hi in sign language, and that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you today. So we’ll learn how to say Hi in sign language, BSL or British Sign Language.

Both American Sign Language and British Sign Language have different ways of saying Hi. But today, we’ll only be discussing BSL.

Hi in Sign Language

Before diving into our main topic, let’s talk about the importance of sign language. Sign languages promote better understanding and sensitivity for the deaf and hard of hearing community. If you are skilled in sign language, you will grow to have a deep respect for deaf culture and be able to encourage others to understand and adopt sign language.

So let’s get back to our topic. Now, please watch the video we have linked below.

Watch how to sign ‘hi’ in British Sign Language

Please follow the steps we’ll discuss shortly.

BSL tutor seated in a room with a blue background in a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSL tutor seated in a room with a blue background, with his right hand raised to sign Hi

2. Raise your right hand up and narrate it

3. Sometimes, people stop talking while signing. Don’t do it. Say the word ‘Hi’ out loud while doing the sign.


So, that’s how we say Hi in sign language. These words are generally the easiest, and we can easily learn them. They are essentially all short, simple expressions meant to draw attention that eventually developed into the greetings we use today.

Make sure you are clearly visible to the person you are communicating with in order to prevent your sign from being misunderstood.

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