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Goodbye in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today we’ll learn to say Goodbye in sign language. However, remember that saying goodbye in British Sign Language is a bit different than, say, American Sign Language.

But, for our purpose today, we’ll only talk about BSL.

You may wonder, what if you want to say “bye bye” in a more lively notion instead of a casual ‘goodbye.’

Well, the same sign works for both. But since “bye bye” is the repetition of the same word, you’ll have to sign the word twice too.

So, let’s move on to our main topic now.

Goodbye in Sign Language Alphabet

Before we begin, note that ‘goodbye’ is a single-handed sign. It means that you’ll use only one hand to sign the word. However, BSL is predominantly a two-handed sign language. You’ll use both hands to sign most of the words.

So, always keep yourself visible to your audience. It will ensure that your sign is not interpreted as something offensive.

One other thing before we begin. When learning sign language, especially those that are two-handed languages, you’ll hear the terms “dominant hand” and “non-dominant hand.”

If you’re right-handed, that’s your dominant hand. Your left hand is the non-dominant hand. We alternatively call it the base hand too.

Check out the blog British Sign Language Alphabet.

Now, please watch the following video.

Please follow the guidelines we’ve provided below.

BSL teacher in a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSl interpreter showing hand gesture for Goodbye

2. Lift your dominant hand up to your chest. Your fingers will be pointing up towards the sky, and your palm will be facing your audience.

Tutor signing Goodbye in BSL

3. Now, wave it right to left or left to right- whichever you prefer; it doesn’t matter. Watch the video again if you want further clarification. It’s the same ‘goodbye’ gesture you’ve been using since you were children. BSL uses the same gesture to sign the word.

4. Say the ‘word’ out loud while doing the sign.


So, that’s how we say Goodbye in sign language. Since it’s a goodbye, we can’t emphasise enough how crucial it is to keep a beautiful smile on your face. Nonverbal communication, such as sign language, is far more effective if you can make the other side connect more easily with you. Finally, practice frequently. Consistent practice will help you remember the sign.

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