G in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today we’ll learn the letter G in sign language. The way we sign letters in sign language is called fingerspelling, and the sign language alphabets are referred to as the manual alphabet. Alphabet in sign language is a bit different from those in spoken languages.

On top of that, add to the equitation the fact that the British Sign Language alphabet is two-handed. Confused yet? Don’t worry.

We’ll briefly discuss it before we delve into our main topic today.


Fingerspelling is a way of spelling words by moving your hands. Fingerspelling is an essential component of sign language. Their adaptability makes them ideal for communication.

In sign language, the fingerspelling alphabet is used to spell out names of individuals and locations for which there is no symbol. We also use fingerspelling to spell words which are unfamiliar to us or the one we’re communicating with.

The way we spell any letter of the alphabet using the fingerspelling method is called the manual alphabet.

However, it’s different for every sign language. There’s no universal method for it. G in ASL, or American Sign Language, varies from G in BSL or British Sign Language. ASL G involves a one-handed sign. However, this is not the case with BSL. It requires the use of both hands.

Consider your hands to be a pen and a piece of paper. Your dominant hand will be the pen, and your non-dominant hand (also known as the base hand) will be the paper. You’ll use your paper hand to write something with your pen hand while signing anything using fingerspelling. So that’s how the manual alphabet in BSL works.

For our case today, we’ll only deal with BSL. So, let’s move on to our main topic now.

G in Sign Language Alphabet

What is sign of G?

We have a whole video focused on the G sign. Please first watch it.

Now, please proceed with the instructions we have given below.

1. Start with a normal posture.

Sign Language Alphabet "G"
Raise both hands to your chest.

2. Raise both hands to your chest.

posture G in Sign Language
Make a fist with both hands; thumbs tucked in.

3. Make a fist with both hands; thumbs tucked in.
4. Then lay your dominant hand’s fist on top of your base hand’s fist to sign G. It will appear like you are holding a pepper grinder.
5. Pronounce the letter G while doing the sign.


So, that’s how we fingerspell G in sign language. Remember to smile when you’re communicating. Non-verbal communication like sign language is way more efficient if you can make it easier for the other party to keep constant eye contact by making them comfortable. On the same note, make yourself easily visible to the one you’re communicating it so your sign will not be interpreted as something offensive. Lastly, practice regularly. Consistent practice will cement the sign in your memory, and you won’t need to refer back to this tutorial to refresh your recollection time and time again.