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Functional Skills

Essential Functional Skills Booklist for Study and Practice


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Are you looking for a functional skills books list? Then you have come to the right place. This article will direct you to an essential functional skills booklist for study and practice. Soft skills such as communication and teamwork are the emphasis over functional skills.

Functional skills are distinct in that they do not necessitate any formal schooling or training; anyone may learn them via practice!

What is the Functional Skills Exam?

Functional skills examinations test basic English, maths, and ICT skills that people require in their professional and personal lives. Students who are pursuing a more vocational, practical degree or career path may be confused as to why English, math, and ICT are essential. In reality, these topics are critical in practically any career route you choose.

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Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2 certifications are offered. A ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’ mark is assigned to exams.

For these qualifications, there are no proxies or portfolio elements. All of the entry-level exams are paper-based. They are internally evaluated and moderated by the centre.

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If you are looking for a Functional Skills Maths Online Course that can enhance your ability to respond to real-life situations both at your workplace and university, then look no further. We have a course for you that will set you up with the appropriate qualifications and adequate credentials that are required for you to have expertise in the field of functional math.

Different Types of Functional Skills Books

Functional skills are essential because they provide young people and adults with the knowledge, skills, and understanding of what they need to develop in their careers, education, and lifestyles. Along with this, it also boosts the learner’s ability to solve difficulties in real-world situations. The following details provide a quick overview of the many categories of functional skills books.

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Entry Level 1

For entry-level 1, the following functional skills books are required for reading:

  • Maths: If you want to prepare for the functional skills entry level 1, this is the book for you. With entry-level, learners can boost their confidence in mathematics by studying the book called Maths Functional Skills: EL1.1: Read, Write, Order and Compare Numbers up to 20.
  • English: English Functional Skills Entry Level 1 Writing Workbook is a book that can help you in preparing for the functional skills of English entry-level 1. Furthermore, this functional skills English book is designed for students at the beginning of their English studies.
  • ICT: This past paper, ICT Entry Level 1 might assist you in your entry-level 1 preparation. Because there is no specific book for the functional skills ICT entry level 1, you can use this past paper to prepare for the exam.

Entry Level 2

For entry-level 2, the following functional skills books are required for reading:

  • Maths: Entry Level 2 can be made easier with Maths Entry Level 2 Students will find everything they need to prepare for the Level 2 Maths exam in this wonderful worksheet, as there are no books available for entry-level 2.
  • English: Entry 2 Reading and Writing is a book that can be very helpful for entry-level 2. This book covers every test board and skill from the Functional Skills reading and writing standards at level 2.
  • ICT: For students at entry-level 2, ICT Entry Level 2 is an excellent resource. As there isn’t a book available for entry-level 2 this past paper will help you study for the Functional Skills test.

Entry Level 3

For entry-level 3, the following functional skills books are required for reading:

  • Maths: Functional Skills Maths Entry Level 3 – Study & Test Practice is the perfect book for entry-level 3. This outstanding Functional Skills book has everything students need to ace the entry-level 3 maths exam.
    It covers every exam board and topic, as well as all calculator and non-calculator skills required by the most recent EL3 functional skills requirements.
    One of the essential functional skills maths revision books is Functional Skills Maths Revision Question Cards – Entry Level 3″ with questions covering numbers, fractions, decimals & percentages, data handling, and more.
  • English: If you want to prepare efficiently for entry-level 3, you should read the book Functional Skills English Entry Level 3 – Study & Test Practice. This Functional Skills English book has everything students need to pass the entry-level 3 English exams.
  • ICT: Functional Skills ICT: Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2 – Study & Test Practice is an excellent book that provides students with everything they need to prepare for the most recent ICT functional skills examinations. It covers every test board, including City & Guilds and Pearson-Edexcel, for Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2 certificates.

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Level 1

For level 1, the following functional skills books are required for reading:

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Level 2

For level 2, the following functional skills books are required for reading:

  • Maths: Functional Skills Maths Level 2: With Examples, Test Questions, and Detailed Answers is an excellent book for Functional Skills Maths Level 2. This functional skills level 2 maths book can help you prepare for your exam. Regardless of which exam board you work for, you will find this book beneficial for Functional Skills Maths Level 2.
  • English: This book, Edexcel Functional English Level 2 contains everything you’ll need to deliver the Functional Skills, including crucial documents, practice exams, and teaching resources. The book is divided into learning objectives that teach students everything they need to know to succeed.
  • ICT: Functional Skills ICT Level 2: Summative Assessment Papers, Marking Scheme, and Tutors is a book that serves as a resource for tutors who deliver and assess Functional ICT Level 2 courses. Each exam is task-based, that are linked, and comes with a clear marking structure.

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How to Take Preparation for the Functional Skills Exam?

What is the best way to prepare for the Functional Skills Exam? When students see prior papers and the syllabus, this question immediately arises in their heads.

You will easily pass the examinations if you are thoroughly prepared. To prepare, a student must read various resources, including classroom materials and online resources. Mock tests, 10-minute assessments, online assessments, and other materials are available.

City of Guilds and Pearson are some of the reputable and reliable online resources.

While taking the functional skills maths exam, a student must work out various issues in a restricted period of time. For the maths exam, you can use the following advice:

  • Appropriate time management.
  • Demonstrate proper and correct training techniques.
  • Always have a calculator on hand.
  • Don’t be concerned about difficult questions.
  • Always keep an open mind.
  • To perform well, you should practise more.

The following suggestions will help you prepare for the English exam:

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  • Take a look at the text and paraphrase it.
  • Keep an open mind as you read.
  • Carefully read the text first.
  • Use numbered lists with bullet points.
  • Make use of subheadings and headings.
  • Make sure you don’t go over the word limit.
  • Be mindful of the distinction between official and informal language.
  • Make a plan before you start writing.
  • Proofread and revise your final draught several times.
  • Practice mock writings at home to improve your quickness and capacity to think quickly.

Now let’s have a look at a few points on how to prepare for the ICT exam. These pointers will assist a student in acing their tests.
The following are some helpful hints:

  • Sort files into appropriate directories with appropriate names.
  • Conduct a thorough online search for information.
  • Use the proper subject lines in your emails.
  • Experiment with digital posters, fliers, and documents.
  • Correctly insert and resize images.
  • Stay up to date on online security and safety.
  • Spend a lot of time practising.

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Is Functional Skills Level 1 Easy?

Functional Skills Level 1 isn’t always the most difficult. You’ll still have to put in the time and effort to study and revise.

Can you do functional skills for free?

Free functional skills courses are available to people who have not previously achieved a Level 2 qualification in maths and English.

What is an example of a functional skill?

Speaking, listening, communicating, reading, and writing skills are examples of functional skills. In addition, these abilities assist you in effectively applying spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules.

How can I improve my functional skills?

Using your functional skills whenever possible is the best way to improve them.

What is the pass mark for functional skills maths Level 1?

The pass mark for Level 1 examinations is expected to be in the range of 32-37.

Can you do functional skills at home?

Yes. Exams for English and Maths Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2 can be taken using a computer and a smartphone on any day and time.

Do functional skills expire?

No. Functional Skills certificates do not have an expiration date.

Do employers accept functional skills?

Yes. Employers now recognise functional skills as vital components of apprenticeship frameworks as well as valuable stand-alone certificates.

How long does it take to complete functional skills?

Functional Skills students typically take up to 12 months to finish their curriculum.

Is functional skills harder than GCSE?

In terms of topic, Functional Skills qualifications are similar to GCSEs; nevertheless, they may be less challenging for students who struggle with maths and English.


Functional skills enable you to succeed both professionally and personally and give you practical tools for dealing with everyday work situations. Improving these skills can help you advance in your work. Further, I hope this article provided you with a useful functional skills booklist that you can use for study and practice.

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