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Fuck you in sign language – Video and Image Included

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So, we think it’s safe to assume that someone is on your naughty list. That’s why you’ve come here to learn a swear word, right? Or, you’re probably looking to incorporate slang into your daily conversation with friends, so you’ll come off as a bit more casual than formal. Whatever the cause may be, today we’ll show you how to say ‘Fuck You’ in sign language.

‘Fuck You’ in Sign Language

Well, there are a ton of ways to say “Fuck you” or “Screw you” like showing a middle finger. Maybe in some parts of the world, showing even your index finger will do the job!

Sign language signs aren’t just gestures. Your gestures have meaning attached to them. These gestures vary from sign language to sign language. For example, you can learn the word in many sign languages like the sign language ASL (American Sign Language) or BSL (British Sign Language).

However, we’re just going to discuss BSL here. Take a look at the video below. It’s timestamped.

The lady in the video is showing us how to say ‘fuck’ in BSL.

Fuck in BSL

BSL tutor standing in a room

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSL tutor with right hand fist and left hand above it

2. Now, with one hand, make a fist, keeping a hole in the middle. Imagine you’re holding a stick in your hand. Look at the image above for clarification. Keep this hand on your belly height.

3. Spread the fingers of your other hands. However, keep only the middle finger pointing downwards. Keep this hand over your chest height.

BSL tutor touching the right hand's fist with left hand

4. Drop your finger rapidly onto the hole that you made with your other hand.

BSL tutor signing fuck you

5. Lift the hand up. Now spread the middle finger too and drop it again onto your other hand and slap it gently.

6. That’s the whole process.

Now let’s move on to the word ‘you’.

You in BSL

Take a look at the video below. Saying ‘you’ is very simple.

Let’s break the video down.

BSL interpreter pointing finger

1. Start with a normal posture.

2. Make a fist with your hand and spread out your index finger.

3. Point toward the person you’re signing to with your index finger.

4. That concludes the word.

So, all you need to do now is connect both of these words, ‘fuck’ and ‘you’, and you get the whole phrase. However, be very careful about this slang and swear words. You risk burning bridges with people if you come off as highly offensive.

Although many slang words, including the one we’re discussing here today, are frequently used in everyday conversation, if the person you’re communicating with isn’t comfortable with you yet, they may get angry.

So, communicate diligently. If you’re still in an unfamiliar setting, it’s better to stick to formal communication rather than using slang.


So, that’s how we say ‘Fuck You’ in sign language. Make sure the individual with whom you are communicating can clearly see you. No matter how comfortable you are with them, you risk saying extremely offensive things if your signs are misinterpreted. So be very careful with slang and swear words.

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