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Frog in Sign Language – Video and Image Included

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Today we will learn how to say “frog” in sign language. The word “frog” is signed differently in every sign language. However, just like our other blogs, we will only teach you how to sign “have” in British Sign Language (BSL).

If you are unfamiliar with the British Sign language, it is the language of deaf people to help them communicate better. Through our course, British Sign Language Level 1, you can learn more about BSL in detail.

Frog in Sign Language

Watch the video linked below first to get an idea of how to sign “frog”. As you know, British Sign Language involves the use of both hands; however, in this video, the person only uses one hand.

The video is broken down into three steps to facilitate things for you. First, read and try to follow the steps below:

A man shows how to sign “frog” in British Sign Language with hand posture

1. Take your dominant hand out, stretch the fingers, and then slightly curl them (except your thumb).

British Sign Language tutor with hand posture

2. Bring the hand close to your neck and then move it away.

3. Keep moving it back and forth twice, but slower.

Repeat the three steps above a few times to become an expert in signing “frog”. Remember, do not switch your hand in between; otherwise, people might misinterpret it into something else.


As you can see, it is not that hard to learn “frog” in sign language. However, with a tad bit more practice, you will definitely be able to use it while communicating with a deaf person.

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