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Cool in Sign Language – Video and Image Included

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So it’s a hot, sunny day and you are out shopping or perhaps on a trip with a friend. You feel dehydrated and don’t have the energy to carry on, so you ask your friend for something cool to drink. Your friend has trouble hearing and thus communicates in sign language; however, you just know the basics. To solve this issue, this small guide will teach you how to say “cool” in sign language!

Just like our previous guides on sign language, we will be teaching you to say “cool” in British Sign Language only.

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Let’s get started!

Cool in Sign Language

Now take a look at the video above. You can see that the man is using both his hands to say cool in sign language.

Carefully look at the video and try to follow the hand movements of the person enacting it.

Still, we have broken down the video into three steps for your convenience. After reading the steps, you can go back to watching the video again if you want.

A man shows how to sign “Cool” in British sign language

Step 1: Stretch both hands and put them in front of your face, with your palm facing you.

BSL tutor signing cool

Step 2: Move your lips to make a small circle (like a fish’s mouth), then slowly stick your tongue out.

Step 3: While doing Step 2, fan your hands by moving your fingers (except the thumb). Repeat this at least two times.

Quite easy, right? Keep repeating the movements till you are satisfied with your progress.


Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can now say “cool” in sign language. However, we would advise you to practice it a few more times thoroughly. You obviously do not want to make any mistakes while communicating with another person. Otherwise, they might misunderstand you; we certainly do not want that.

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